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Trike Weights

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Topic: Trike Weights
Posted By: mark aldridge
Subject: Trike Weights
Date Posted: 22 February 2018 at 3:39pm
I don't know if this is the right place to record this data so everyone sees it, but here it is.
Like many people I have always been sceptical about the headline weights posted by companies and weight obsessives so I decided to weigh a few of the trikes that are listed as "lightweight". These are all on the road weights including seat pad, pedals, light mounts, bottle mounts etc. All weights were taken using the digital bathroom scale method.
Windcheetah with rear rack, front fairing and mudguards 42lbs.
Windcheetah FRO with front fairing, tailbox, mudguards but no pedals 35lbs
Velomo tt (full suspension) with Pinion gearbox and rear rack but no mudguards 38lbs
Carbontrike SL with Avid cable disks, Kojak tyres and mudguards 32lbs
Trice Micro with rear rack and mudguards 36lbs
I would guess that the Carbontrike stripped down for summer riding, hydraulic discs and lighter tyres would be 30lbs and the FRO would be similar. The Micro maybe 32 lbs and the Velomo with normal gears would be similar. My old Windcheetah, maybe 35lbs.
It there anyone out there who could weigh their ICE VTX and Catrike 700 (and any others) in similar on the road condition.
Being subjective, the Trice Micro feels the fastest but is the slowest on-road because it is so rigid (great go cart handling though). The Carbontrike gets the most fair weather miles put on it and is supremely comfortable (much can be put down to the foam seat pad and Kojak tyres). The Velomo is a fast, plush ride and could possible have been the best if it had a normal gear set up (but not in bad weather as it is nigh on impossible to mount mudguards). The FRO is still settling in so I will hold back on my opinion until later on in the year. My old Windcheetah is currently the best of the lot and my default ride whatever the weather, it feels as though it just builds up speed and holds it (the fairing overules the weight and makes you understand why velomobiles are so fast). It is also as tough as old boots.

Posted By: trsnrtr
Date Posted: 23 February 2018 at 6:26pm
My 2017 VTX with 11 speed double crank, pedals, eTap, full fender set, front light mount, seat pad, headrest, two bottle cages and a computer mount weighs 34.1#.

Posted By: mark aldridge
Date Posted: 24 February 2018 at 12:11pm
Thanks for that.
It confirms what I suspected. If you have a lightweight trike it is realistic to aim for a 35lb winter weight, 30lb +/- for a stripped down summer weight and throw £££££££ at it and 26lb +/- might be reached.
All academic really once you factor in comfort, reliability, how much you enjoy riding it and most important, the colour.

Posted By: squeaker
Date Posted: 24 February 2018 at 6:39pm
Not 'lightweight' per se, but my Sprint 26 (no suspension, mesh seat, 35mm Kojak rear, Trykers up front) is 39lb without mud guards, rack & rear light, and circa 43lb with.

Posted By: Dragonfly
Date Posted: 04 March 2018 at 5:42am
Weighed my ICE Trice Mini and it's 35 (or 35.5) lbs.  That's with all three mudguards, rear air shock and suspended rear rack.  (also the usual bottle cages, mirror and computer)

My Hypersport is 37 lbs. with tailbox and front mudguard mounts, but no mudguards at present. (and bottle cages, pump, mirror and computer)

The Vortex+/VTX+ is currently in the shop getting a new bottom bracket.  The Mini, WC and Vortex are all fairly close in weight.  They just carry it differently--more weight up front, in back or balanced.

My Easy Racers Ti-Rush is a svelte 29.5 lbs with rear fender, front fairing mounts (w/o fairing) cobra seat, very heavy dual kickstand, hydration bag, pump, mirror, etc...

My C-Rush is close to the same weight as the Ti, but the C-Rush has a disk rear brake, sprinter seat, solo racer bags, front fairing mount, etc...  

FWIW, I had the Calfee Prototype Carbon Trike a few years ago.  It was very light (lighter than the Hypersport) and compact with skinny little integrated velokraft seat and integrated carbon rear fender, but w-i-d-e track (like a Catrike).  It could go pretty fast, but with all 16" tires, was harder to carry higher speeds.  

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