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Race photo's and videos

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Topic: Race photo's and videos
Posted By: Karl
Subject: Race photo's and videos
Date Posted: 19 September 2014 at 11:51am
We all enjoy pictures and videos of the races, and they add a whole dimension to the club magazine to so I propose a thread to discuss some of the aspects of taking pictures and videos.

Geoff, gave the tip of pictures published in the magazine are better in portrait than landscape aspect due to the three column format of the magazine, so with this in mind I've started to crop pictures down so that they fit in better with any articles in the mag.

I've noticed a few more video cameras knocking about the races, so discuss;
Russell, has managed to get a map showing relative position on the race circuit... how do you do this? 

Fards, has had speed and altitude information stamped on his.. again how do you do this?

Fards also adds comments on his video, which I personally like reading, the "corner taken too quickly" or "Slash passing on inside" adds to the viewing and gives a riders eye view and thinking during the race.

Next question is what video cam do I get? Go Pro??

Posted By: AlanGoodman
Date Posted: 19 September 2014 at 12:03pm
All of the videos I've been shooting at BHPC and pedal car races this year have been from a Polaroid XS100 mounted on top of my helmet..." rel="nofollow -

The weight is noticeable but not really a problem... It is of course the only reason that I haven't been beating Slash though...

Quality is ok... Much better straight from the camera than in the youtube clips of course.
Battery (not removable) lasts for a couple of hours but the limitation is file size - It takes a 32GB Micro SD card but each film can be a maximum of 4GB which gives approximately 30 minutes before you have to turn it off and on again...


Posted By: GeoffBird
Date Posted: 19 September 2014 at 12:28pm
Yes, more portrait shots would be good. I can crop them, but then you need to start off with a higher resolution photo. The cover is an example where a high-resolution, and striking, portrait image is required.

Of course our machines, being long and low, do lend themselves to landscape format, so realistically, most photos will be in this format.

For photos to be usable in the mag they really need to be in the 1 Mb to 6 Mb range as JPEGs to get the resolution, ideally higher for the cover etc.

If you look at professional magazines they rely heavily on interesting images. There's no reason why our magazine can't do the same if the images are available.

Right Time - Right Place - Wrong Speed

Posted By: russellbridge
Date Posted: 19 September 2014 at 2:02pm
The video was a right pain in the bum so work out - it was recorded using my Contour ROAM camera and then combined with slightly sketchy GPS data using the Strava .gpx file from my Android phone (Strava>gear settings icon>export to .gpx). The Contour camera comes with a program called StoryTeller which allows you to merge the video with a .gpx file, but frustratingly you can't save this, so you got to use a 'screengrabber' type programme - I used a free one called liteCAM Free. This generated a 2Gb file. I then took this into Windows Movie Maker and did a 'YouTube' save which took it down to 440Mb. It then took a few hours to upload to Youtube. Easy...not!

When I was looking for a camera, all of the reviews I found seemed to indicate that everyone tries cheaper cameras and then ends up with a GoPro. Do a web search for GoPro Hero3 with Garmin Virb software to overlay the GPS data.

For photos - the ones taken by Mike Shellim at Hillingdon are superb, and as much as anything are a lesson in editing. Link here:" rel="nofollow -

Edit: there's also the Garmin Virb Elite HD Action Camera with GPS (£250) which has in-built GPS where as (as far as I can tell) the GoPro's doesn't, and you have to combine the video with a separate .gpx file
There's a run through here:" rel="nofollow -  of the Garmin Virb software which looks very good.

Posted By: Yanto
Date Posted: 19 September 2014 at 4:15pm
I also have a selection of videos from a while ago here:" rel="nofollow -

all kinds of mainly velomobile odds and sods in there.

Posted By: russellbridge
Date Posted: 28 September 2014 at 10:32pm
There's a review of that Garmin Virb Elite camera here - very very detailed - just skip to the summary where it's compared to the go-pro. It looks good." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Karl
Date Posted: 29 September 2014 at 3:24pm
Bloody Heck.. thats a review and a half, is he getting paid by them or is it his end of year thesis??

Do like the idea of linking it all to get more than just the pictures, I like the additional info the Garmin should be able to give.

While Downhill riding on Friday <stands up in front of group> yes I'm a downhiller and I have problems...
Some of the guys I saw had a Hero 3 that was linked up to an iPhone that would allow them to review the footage of the last run all wirelessly which I though was a good idea, if it was crap footage they could just erase and try again, saving memory, one complaint was battery life - but the answer came back about it been industry leading(ish) and if you wanted more battery capacity then just swap out a battery. They could make the battery bigger but then this would be added weight and bulk to the nifty little cameras.

Pretty sold on the idea of a Hero cam especially since they have just announced the new Hero4  out 5th October

Also the number of accessories to fit  the camera to looks good.

Its on my Christmas list now

Posted By: Karl
Date Posted: 29 September 2014 at 3:27pm
Oh btw.. see this link of a nice little clip done by a windy rider... 
Guess what I'll be doing when the snow comes Thumbs Up" rel="nofollow -

Admin - how do I make the links live so they are one click away?


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